“There are alot of dentists out there; I have been to probably 12 in my life. I was always terrified of going because I usually had bad experiences: someone recommended Dr Hersh to me some years ago; although I was still nervous of him in the beginning and cancelled appointments alot; I soon begun to relax in his chair, he is the best dentist that I have ever come across, recently my 4 year old son went to a dentist and he had 11 cavities, the other dentist( not dr hersh) wanted to put him to sleep to work on him; I was not comfortable with that and asked Dr Hersh to take a look at the X-rays which he did, to go a step further Dr Hersh agreed to do the work on my 4 year old son( as long as he was able to sit nice) let me tell you how great dr Hersh is:: my 4 year old son fell asleep in 2 consecutive appointments while getting cavities filled( my son was only given a little novocaine) There are dentists, and than there is Dr Hersh!!! He stands all alone as far as I’m concerned!!!”
-Scott L.

‘Dr. Hersh is the best dentist everrrrrr, he is so dedicated and caring , that I actually look forward to going to the dentist (which was never my favorite place to go) His work is excellent and he is a perfectionist. That being said I highly recommend him. He is a wonderful person besides being such a master of his craft …dentistry!’
– Clista G.

“I’ve used Dr. Hersh, and his father before him, for years. He’s gentle, and I appreciate having a dentist who genuinely cares about his patients.”
-Hope L.

“I travel 3000 miles to get to the best dentist and dental staff in the country! Been my dentist for decades…before him, his gem of a father (RIP). I ❤️ Dr. Hersh!”
-Norma V.

“Do I really like visiting a dentist, no! But Dr Hersh is brilliant in his field, most up to date in dental technology and practices, so patient, the best dentist EVER !”
-Anna G.

“I couldn’t be more satisfied with a dental office! I travel an hour in each direction to Dr. Hersh’s office because of the professional, caring attention provided.”
-Annemarie P.

“The best !!!”
-Tanya M.